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CLOCK DOBLO TIME Zuiver Bij Ons Binnen

Our new clock Doblo Time is ideal for people who love multipurpose things. Something to tell you the time, store your pens, look classy but hip and is economical all at the same time? Yes, table clock Doblo Time can do all these things! Desk clocks these days are hard to find and if you find one it tends to be very lame or ridiculously expensive. So Zuiver decided to make one which is not only suitable for trendy CEO’s. Although we are sure they will love Doble Time as well…

Silent table clock in polyresin in concrete look finish
Copper anodized aluminium hands
Dimensions: 15,5x4,5x10,5 cm
Batteries 1x AA(not included)

Bij ons Binnen is dé Zuiver & Dutchbone dealer in de provincie Utrecht.

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